Vintage Fabrics

“Old is gold”. You must be familiar with this proverb. Well this stands well for many things like sportsmen, showpieces and the majestic Wonders of the world. Whether it is cars or styling, most people nowadays prefer the classic way of life. Maybe that is the reason why even Vintage upholstery fabrics are preferred in front of the newly coming stylish upholstery fabrics.

The idea of the living in classic style has helped the vintage upholstery fabrics selling rate greatly. Since the demand of this new style has come into the market, the desire to have a classic taste has driven the people towards this vintage fabric. Although check design, horizontal design and polka dots seem to look old fashioned, but the creativity combined with classic design gives out a marvelous output. The simplicity of this classic design provides a calming and dignified effect to your furniture or the object on which you use them.

Many people nowadays use the new stylish fabrics just for the look. But actually there are very less upholstery fabrics provide the comfort the customer looks for when he returns from a place, tired and stressed. It is this tiring and stressful life that a vintage upholstery fabric can cure. Although much variety is not available in these categories of fabrics, but even if the normal ones are chosen with a good taste, they provide an even better finish than those stylish ones.

Getting to the practical aspect of their usage and quality, vintage upholstery fabrics really need lot of care while presented in a place like a drawing room or living room. This is because, since mostly the designs are simple and the colors are light, they reflect the dirt more than others.

But as such there is no special care required for them to be used. Just follow these simple steps and you are ready to buy any vintage upholstery as per your choice. They are:

1. Just brush them regularly and vacuum once in two to three days.
2. They can be removed and washed in laundry once a week.
3. They should also be kept in the sun for 2-3 hours at least in one fortnight (provided the material is natural).

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