Timeless Treasures Fabrics – Perfect Designs by Professional Designers

Timeless Treasure Fabrics is a wholesale textile business that is based in New York City. The company is family owned and takes pride in supplying wholesalers and fabric retailers with an enormous range of designer materials. The brand is well known for its innovative and unusual designs. In the past, some interesting designs in their catalogs have included pigs on motorcycles and Santa Claus on a surfboard.

To say that the timeless treasure fabrics collection is unique would be an understatement. The company offers a wide range of fabrics in designs and styles that almost seem custom made for your requirements. So, whether you are looking for quality fabric for a dress, bedding or upholstery you will find plenty of choice. The company sells its fabrics to wholesalers. If you wish to buy beautiful and versatile designs that the company offers, you need to locate a retailer near you, or you could shop online.

The timeless treasure fabrics company is known to update its catalog of designs frequently. Thus, it is important that you locate the design or material that you are looking for before you are ready to start a project. This will ensure that you are not disappointed if the fabric you are looking for is suddenly unavailable. Quilt shops and quilters love the company’s range of textile. They inspire craftsmen to create unique, and often, fun projects.

The brand has a fabulous fabric collection. The best way to find the material that you seek is by perusing through their catalog. Some categories may have obvious names such as African Safari or Farm and Country, while others may reflect a feeling or emotion such as inspirational. Still others such as floral and geometrical designs are timeless classics. You can choose from a wide range of cotton fabrics including muslin, flannel, laminated cotton prints and organic cotton. You may also like to opt for material in solid colors or you can decide on designer fabrics that the brand is better known for. It is best to choose designs and prints that are suitable for your project. For instance, if you are looking for fabric that will be used in your study you could opt for the library collection. For a child’s room you can select prints that are best suited for his or her interests. This may include prints of crayons, farm animals, cars or dinosaurs. For the kitchen, you can pick a print that depicts hot dogs, pizza or candy. Or, you could go with a floral, foliage or abstract design.

In your search for the perfect fabric for your project you can choose by collection, or, if you are familiar with the style of a designer, you can choose by name. The wide and range of styles and designs make timeless treasure fabrics ideal for quilting projects. In fact, the company’s official website offers pictures of quilts crafted with the company’s fabrics. It also offers details on the list of fabrics that have been used. The timeless treasure fabrics company offers quality fabrics with gorgeous prints that are as special as your projects.

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