Suede Fabrics: A Great Choice For Timeless Luxury

Suede is a fabric that is made by synthetically roughing or sanding up the tiny ends of leather that gives it a napped finish. The term suede is derived from a French phrase “gants de Suede” which means “Glove of Suede” because it was first used to make women’s gloves. Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto pioneered the journey of its invention by first formulating millions of tiny polyester fibers known as microfibers. In the year 1970, he and his colleagues carried out experiments by processing the microfibers into a fabric that was a cross between leather and velvet. Thus, the suede fabric was born. This fabric had a subtle softness of velvet and was as sturdy as leather.

A Fabric Sought After in the Clothing and Fashion Industry

The beauty of this lovely fabric is that it is soft as well as durable. Made from the underside of animal skin, it is extremely thin and can be used to add a touch of elegance to any item. Considered as a very important fashion accessory, it is used to make shoes, bags, clutches, belts, gloves and even coats. Many people prefer shoes and bags made from suede fabric over leather ones owing to its beautiful texture and also because of the fact that it looks rich. It is also used as lining inside shoes and garments to make them smooth, soft and wearable. Coats made from suede keep the wearer warm and at the same time appear chic. This fabric is also used in the arts and crafts sector in the form of suede paper that gives rich, velvet like appearance from outside but is actually a paper from inside. It can be folded, pressed and cut just like normal paper but adds a matte effect to various art and craft displays and changes their overall appearance.

Suede Upholstery Fabric

Apart from its use in the fashion and garment industries, the suede fabric has gained higher popularity in the upholstery market. Car interiors, home and office décor and even carpets made of suede are considered a luxury. The fact that it absorbs water and cleans quickly makes it a top choice for home furnishing like couches, sofas and carpets. Nowadays, suede curtains are a rage and can be seen draping large windows elegantly. Alternatively, curtain tapes made of suede are very practical during winters as they keep the interiors warm. Recent varieties of suede can be dry cleaned, washed and are stain-resistant too. Moreover, it turns any room or office stylish and makes a visitor feel welcomed.

Tips on Using Suede

A major benefit of suede is that it can be stitched with ease if the right technique is known. Upholstery covered with suede can be retained for a long time because of its tendency to sit neatly unlike its other expensive counterparts and so it makes a good choice for car and home upholstery. Another advantage is the fact that is extremely comfortable for the user of any age group. Such is the aura of suede fabric which is why it is considered as one the most luxurious and royal fabrics of all times.

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