Robert Allen Fabric

I know of Robert Allen, but I had not realized he was into fabric, as well as a multitude of other things! Well I was listening to the radio on a Saturday morning, and they were talking about Golf! It was a course that was located not far from my home. One of the speakers that was on the golf show was the owner of Randal’s Furniture Store, located in Bells Corners Ottawa, Canada. All of the furniture in the store is hand made of solid hard wood and unfinished, you can finish it yourself or have them finish it for you. Down in the basement was bolts and bolts of beautiful fabrics.

The radio station advised the public that they should visit the line of beautiful and very distinguished fabrics by Robert Allen. Wow, I thought the book writing man is into fabrics, well I love sewing and so I decided to go and have a look! Well the fabric is more than beautiful and I saw a golf chair with a golf type covering that was out of this world, very unique fabric, the kind that a golfer would love to have in his office or anywhere else for that matter, these are upholstery type heavy fabrics with lovely designs and colors. They are just great for a library, den, the man’s reclining chair or office chair. You don’t often see furniture with these types of coverings! I have recovered furniture and saw other non sporty types of fabrics that blew me away.

The Main Features of Robert Allen Fabric

The main attributes are of course the colors, just beautiful and rich, they also have a stain repellent that you would never know was on the fabric, and they have a great weight for drapes, chairs or couch upholstery , these fabrics are what is often shown in high end decorating books and magazines. The designs range from the normal to scenery type fabrics, and that is what I saw with the golf type fabric. Most men would die for this type of an office chair or den chair especially if they were golfers, and there was more than one pattern in various rich colors, the colors did resemble the great outdoors with various scenery. The store owner told me that the one I liked best was one of his best sellers. I asked him who comes in here for fabric when you have so much furniture, well he told me that they often get order for furniture finishing and people like to match the fabric on their chairs (say dining room chairs with the same fabric for drapes and curtains). He had such neat looking chairs that could go in a den and this is where he often sells Robert Allen’s fabrics. I love to change my coverings myself, so the next time I do I will definitely check out Randal’s for some of the recent patterns and designs by Robert Allen, because they are just not seen everywhere and you end up with a piece that is truly exquisite and really one of a kind with Robert Allens’s fabrics.

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