Quilt Fabric

Selecting the appropriate fabric for a quilt depends a great deal on the purpose of the quilt. If the purpose is to be a keepsake or display item, more delicate fabrics may be used. However, if the quilt will be used daily as a bed covering or throw, it may be best to select a more durable fabric. The other nice thing with quilts is that many different fabrics can be incorporated into a single quilt, providing lots of options for the quilter.

After selecting a pattern for a quilt, consider the purpose of the project and what the finished quilt will be used for. Knowing the pattern and purpose of it factors into the fabric decisions to make sure the finished product is appropriate for the use. Another consideration is the sewing method used to create the quilt. While quilts can be sewn by hand, many quilters use a standard sewing machine or a specialized quilting machine. More delicate fabrics or detailed patterns may not be appropriate for machine quilting.

Matching Fabric with Purpose

If a quilt is likely to see a lot of use, consider using durable fabrics like cotton for the design side of the quilt. Fabrics are available in numerous patterns, themes and varieties so it is simple to find the perfect fabric for a quilt. Whether choosing a solid color, patterned fabrics, or a mix, a durable fabric for the quilt ensures lots of use and enjoyment from the finished product.

For a display quilt, the range of fabrics expands to include more delicate options. Fabrics such as lace or velvet can either enhance a display quilt or even be used for the entire project. Like a display quilt, keepsake quilts may also incorporate more delicate fabrics either as accents or as large portions of the quilt. If a custom quilt is being made for an event like a wedding or birth of a baby, there may be panels with unique stitching or embroidery. Setting those panels off with special fabric can add a beautiful touch to a keepsake quilt.

Tips on Choosing Fabrics for Baby Quilts

Another niche quilting option includes baby blankets. When creating a quilt for a baby, special consideration should be given to the baby quilt fabric. Many beautiful fabric patterns and options are available in soft flannels, fleeces, and other snuggly options. When selecting a fabric for a baby quilt, keep in mind that softer fabrics are better suited for infants.

A final consideration when selecting fabrics for a quilt is the back of the quilt. This is typically a solid color or pattern that complements the front. Again, if the quilt is for daily use, consider a durable and comfortable fabric for the back. If the quilt is for display purposes, different fabrics can be used to support the display or to serve as a stronger backing.

Explore Different Patterns and Weaves

No matter what the overall purpose and pattern of the quilt, take the time to browse a fabric store. With bolts of fabrics in numerous styles, patterns and weaves, the options are nearly limitless. The touch and feel of the fabrics selected is just as big a part of the finished product as the appearance and pattern of the quilt.

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