Mickey Mouse Fabric

Mickey Mouse fabrics are a great choice, if you’re thinking about fixing something up for a die hard Mickey Mouse lover or Disney Classics in general. If you are a Mickey Mouse lover yourself, you ought to know just how to use this fabric. You will find that fabric, with a Mickey Mouse on it, is pretty readily available in many places. Most places that sell Mickey mouse fabrics, will have some bolts with a Mickey Mouse printed on it. However, if you look online, you will find many more Mickey Mouse prints than you could have ever imagined. This is a very popular kind of print that many sewers and quilters like to collect. If you have a large stash of fabric with a Mickey Mouse on it, get ready to pull one out and get started on a knitting project or two.

If you are a Mickey Mouse lover, and are ready to dig into your stash of Mickey Mouse fabrics, you might want to make your Mickey fan, a tote bag or two. Anyone who sews can use a tote bag or two, to move their pet projects around, and many people who don’t sew like them as well, the charm is of course, irresistible. Children can use them as overnight bags, when they to go to their grandparents house to spend the night. Moreover, this is an excellent way to use up those fabrics so that you have an excuse to buy more. Make them for gifts and give them at birthdays. Maybe you want to make a few tote bags for Christmas presents. Whatever you decide is the right occasion to give them, just get some made up to have on hand.

Making a quilt or two out of Mickey Mouse fabrics, is also a great idea. If you love Mickey Mouse, or know a child who does, you can be sure that they would love to have a Mickey Mouse quilt from you. Making a quilt like this yourself, and giving it as a gift is a great way to show, that you care. Everyone will appreciate the time and work that is put into this quilt, and would love to have one as a gift. A quilt is a great gift to give anytime of the year, especially Christmas.

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