Michael Miller Fabrics

Michael Miller Fabrics is a company based in New York City and the creation of Michael Steiner and Kathy Miller. Like so many entrepreneurs, the passion for fabric design ran deep within this pair, even though when they started out in 1999 they had to manage with space in Michael’s Manhattan apartment with scant funds that they borrowed and their credit cards which soon maxed out .

The energy and commitment of both Michael and Kathy was to pay off in the end, and as the company grew so did their staff and their reputation. Today, they are a well respected fabric design house with outlets across the United States and Internationally in Asia, Israel, Australia, Europe, South Africa United Arab Emirates and, of course, Canada.

The fabric designs are recognizable with their bright colors and prints and are certainly well known by the sewing and quilting fraternity as the fabrics produced are mostly 100% cotton. The company finds designers to complement the essence of the original styles including the very talented Mark Hordyszynski. He now lives and works in Hawaii despite being a native New Yorker, and it is evident from his current designs that there is a local Hawaiian influence including some batiks and a cute design called ‘Hula girls’

Another well known designer is Sandi Henderson who is a young mother doing what she loves best, creating new designs. Her designs are perhaps a bit more muted in color but are extravagant in the patterns used. She is perhaps best known  for her collections of Secret Gardens fabrics such as Tea Time Secret Gardens and Midnight Secret Gardens. There is an aura of collaboration with the Michael Miller designers that complement rather than clash with each other in terms of the fabric designs produced.

The Color Stories are quite unique to Michael Miller Fabrics and are a collection of fabrics by color. For instance, Indigo Red is a collection of mostly indigo colored fabrics which are both varied and beautiful and reds which complement and often have positive and negative designs (red on white and white on red). Urban Grit is a collection of creams, browns and blacks and any other variation in between and, of course, Orchid Grey is about pinky lilacs with grays – fabulous.

Although Michael Miller Fabrics are mostly used by quilters, they are eminently suitable for children’s clothes and accessories and even for cushions or curtains in the bedroom. On their website you will find plenty of downloadable quilt patterns that are totally free but naturally use their own fabrics – a great marketing strategy!

One of the biggest outlets for Michael Miller Fabrics is the online shop fabric.com and you can often find coupon codes to save you even more money on your fabric, but keep an eye out for ‘end of range’ discounts too. Check out for the ‘making it fun’ blog which is actually the Michael Miller Fabrics own blog. It celebrates color and shows blends of colors that look absolutely terrific and a really good choice if you are planning to sew for your children.

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