Joann Fabrics

Joann Fabrics as been around for almost 70 years. It was started by Hilda and Berthold Reich along with their close friends, Sigmund and Mathilda Rohrbach in 1943. It actually started out as an imported cheese store in Cleveland. Eventually, the cheese moved and the fabrics moved in. It was known as the Cleveland Fabric Shop. Later in the 1960’s it became what you know it as today, Joann Fabrics. The headquarters for Joann Fabrics is located out of Hudson, Ohio. It specializes in the retail of fabrics and crafts. Today, there are outlets located all over the United States.

Joann Fabrics was popular in the shopping malls in the 1970’s. However, they expanded to include florals and crafts and decorations in the 1980’s. This prompted them to leave the shopping malls, and today Joann Fabrics is leading the way in crafting, sewing products, and decorating as a retail speciality store. Recently, in 2010 Joann Fabrics was targeted by a private-equity buy-out, Leonard Green, for 1.6 billion dollars.

As of now, Joann Fabrics has stores in 48 states and they just celebrated 5 grand openings in, Idaho Falls, ID, Wichita, KS, Tulsa, OK, Florence SC, and Sugar Land, TX. In celebration of these new stores, Joann Fabrics is donating to local schools for their education by providing a 2,000 dollar grant for whatever project the school sees fit to use it for. Also, coin boxes have always been located at the front cash registers to support the American Heart Association.

Joann Fabrics Inc. is dedicated to inspiring creativity in all individuals. Their stores are filled with every fabric imaginable. You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Whether you’re decorating for home decor, casual clothing, or dresses for formal affairs, Joann Fabric has exactly what you need. They don’t fall short during the holidays either. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, you name it they will have fabrics available in an assortment of designs and colors for any project you’re working on.

Although, fabric is their niche, there are many supplies available for crafters of any genre.  There is an endless supply of scrapbooking accessories from scrapbook albums, to stickers, to paper. You will have a hard time choosing from their selection. They, also, have supplies in cross stitching, clay modeling, an array of paint brushes and paint colors, baskets, home decor, holiday decorating, and, of course, hundreds of floral designs and garlands to choose from. This is a short list of what they offer. There is much more.

Joann Fabrics, also, offers an array of crafting classes for whatever craft you may be interested in.  Here is a list of what they have available:  crochet, knitting, quilting, sewing, painting, scrapbooking, floral-design, jewelery making, and food crafting. You’re bound to find a class in something you enjoy. Having different hobbies is fun, so, maybe you would like to try something new.  Just contact your local store for details on their classes.

Joann Fabrics is a fun craft store. Even if you’re just browsing around. It’s fun to get new ideas and be inspired! So, get going to your local Joann Fabrics store and get creating!

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