How to Make a Quilt

A nice warm cosy quilt seems so very inseparable on a chilly winter night that we almost tend to consider it as a very part of our selves. Snuggling under a warm quilt could be the ultimate relaxation to indulge in under these cold and ruthless weather conditions. A quilt is not only about beating the cold, thus making us physically comfortable; but it also offers some sort of a strange emotional security. The moment we cling on to it, we feel like being taken care of. A quilt is also a great gifting idea. If you learn how to make a quilt at home, you can gracefully gift it to someone special in your life. Imagine, snuggling in a quilt that’s made by your mother or sister with her own hands. It would make it priceless.

The process of quilt making has evolved over the years. Before embarking on the task, you need to gather some basic knowledge about it, which would make it all the more easier. Reading will make you aware of the many terms that are commonly used in quilting. Also you will get to know the various patterns. As you proceed, all this will prove to be precious knowledge.

When you start making anything, you need to know the fabric first. The choice of  quilt fabric is very crucial. It is important to read up the techniques of testing your fabric on various parameters. For example, you should know which type of cloth requires a pre wash, how to know whether a material will bleed when washed later, or which fabric distorts or enhances cutting accuracy, etc. All this will help in zeroing in on the right fabric for your soft and snugly quilt.

When you start learning how to make a quilt at home, you will also have to deal with a lot of colours. Since this is essentially a bed accessory, we need to choose the colours wisely. The whole purpose of making an ideal quilt could be destroyed with the wrong colour selection. Try to get a basic understanding of the colour wheel before you start. A colour wheel will help you to appreciate the relative values of colours. Once we know how light or dark the colour looks with respect to the other colours, selection becomes easy.

The next step is to learn making blocks and pressing them accurately. This will create the basic framework of the quilt. Getting this right would mean accomplishing half the job. Before buying the material you should be aware of the standard sizes that are commonly used, and also make up your mind on the layout pattern. The choice of border also needs to be finalized, whether you want metered ones, straight sewn or pieced?

The culminating steps in your quest to answer your question of how to make a quilt would be the binding and quilting techniques. Once you actually start making it, the process seems much simpler. So get ready and plunge in the world of quilt making.

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