Furniture Upholstery Fabric

While choosing furniture upholstery fabric may seem to be an easy task, there are several things one should consider. The following three tips may help you to choose the right fabric for the furnishings in your home.

Choose Fabric For Durability

While there are many beautiful delicate fabrics, they are not appropriate for many situations. If you are selecting upholstery that will be used in an area where there are pets or children, consider microfiber fabrics or even leather as these materials can withstand the heavy use. The same goes for a piece of furniture that will be placed in a high traffic area located in the home. Patterns that are woven into the upholstery will last longer than those that are printed. Choose higher fabric thread counts for the most durable materials.

Choose Fabric Style to Accentuate the Furniture it is Covering

The fabric selected should be appropriate for the character and style of the furniture piece it will cover. For example placing a traditional fabric on a modernistic frame often looks out of place. Consider if the piece will be used in a formal living area or a casual space. The theme or style that is established in the home should be reflected through the fabric selected. In addition, the scale of the pattern should mimic the scale of the furniture and the room where it is placed. In a small intimate room that uses delicate furnishings, a big bold fabric will be out of place. However, if the furniture is an oversized piece that will be in the great room of the home, the bold pattern may be a great choice.

Select An Appropriate Fabric Color

The reason most people select an upholstery is color. It is important that the color selected be appropriate for the home. You might want to avoid bright and bold colors in smaller rooms. If the sofa is already large, the bright colors will make it appear even larger. However, if the sofa is to be used around children and pets, you will want to avoid whites, pastels and other delicate colors that are going to show dirt and wear quickly. The color selected should reflect the mood temperature of the room. If attempting to create a warm and inviting room, make sure that you select appropriate colors for the d├ęcor. Be cautious of the trending colors unless they are what your really like. Like colors in the clothing world, furniture colors come and go quickly. Unless you really like the color, lime green may get old rather quickly when everyone else has moved on to another color for furnishings.

Selecting the furniture upholstery fabric for one’s home can sometimes be a difficult task. In addition to the durability, style and color, buyers will want to select fabrics that are resistant to fading from the sun. If there are pets in the home, be sure to select pet friendly upholstery. The fabric that is selected will portray your own personality to visitors to your home.

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