Craft Fabrics – The Complete Guide to Getting Cheap Fabric

Crafts are popular any time of year and for any occasion. Craft fabric is a staple for most crafters, however, as many of us are watching how much we are spending these days, finding a source for cheap craft fabrics can be very helpful and save us a fortune. This article will outline a few ways to get cheap fabric, provide ideas on how to use those fabrics effectively and recommend some sites to help you find amazing fabric cost effectively.

Don’t Discard Burlap

Burlap is one of the least expensive fabrics available and can be used in a variety of projects. Because of its loose weave, yarn can easily be used to embroider designs or to create more of a needlepoint look. Burlap is also an excellent fabric to use as backing for traditional hooked rugs. Many coffee roasters get their coffee beans shipped in burlap bags. They often will sell these bags at a very low price or even give them away free. When cut open, they provide a large piece of burlap fabric.

Uncover Bargains in Thrift Stores and Second Hand Shops

Another source of cheap craft fabrics can be found at second hand or thrift stores. Clothing that is out of fashion or cannot be sold can be taken apart and used for craft projects. American pioneers often used fabric from old clothes to make children’s clothes, quilts or rag rugs. Even the most unattractive design or color can become quite appealing when cut into pieces and put into quilts. Or fabric designs that are quite ugly virtually disappear when the fabric is cut into strips and crocheted or woven into a rag rug. Thrift stores also often have wool coats, jackets, pants, or skirts. Brand new wool is often expensive and is sometimes difficult to find. But wool clothing can be cut into strips and braided into durable and long lasting rugs.

Many fabrics go on sale at discount stores. But oftentimes they are made from polyester or nylon. These fabrics are made from petroleum products. Cotton, on the other hand is a natural fiber. But cotton is one of the most pesticide intensive crops on the planet. So, if you are looking for inexpensive fabrics, take into consideration that there are other costs that go into making them. Reusing and recycling fabric is one of the best ways to make crafts.

Your Home – A Hidden Source of Cheap Craft Fabrics

Other sources of craft fabric may be in your own closet or your children’s closets. Clothing that is torn, worn, or stained can be reused for a variety of craft projects. What fun it is to make a quilt from old clothes that bring back fond memories of times when they were worn. Old sheets are also an excellent source of craft fabric. They easily tear into long strips to become rag rugs. Or they can be made into curtains, gift bags, table cloths and napkins, or quilt backing. Old towels can also be cut into squares, stitched around the edges and just like that you have wash clothes. Or if your towels have gotten quite thin, they can be cut into strips and made into soft and absorbent bath mats.

Old towels are often invaluable as reusable cleaning rags. But they can also be made into covers for dust mops. Or make a soft pet cushion or cushy slippers.

Try Online Auction Sites such as eBay

Auction sites such as eBay can be a treasure trove of cheap fabrics. The great thing about using sites such as eBay is that, due to the number of users, there is always a large selection of different types of fabric available. Please see below for some of the cheap craft fabrics available on eBay.

Buy Cheap Craft Fabric on eBay