Car Upholstery Fabric Tips: Cleaning And Repairing

Cleaning and repairing your car upholstery fabric regularly is very important. Not only does dirty and torn fabric lower the resale value of the vehicle, but it simply makes it less pleasant to drive in. The truth is that both cleaning and repairing are very simple. Here are some tips for keeping your fabric up the right way.

Get rid of trash

This is the first step towards having a clean car. Trash and other items just gets in the way when trying to clean, so clearing the car of anything that is not necessary is important. In fact, you might want to take everything out of the car during this stage, even items that you need in there. Having clutter around just makes it much more difficult to clean, and you can always put things back in when done.

Vacuum it

Before using any cleaning agent, vacuuming with a handheld machine is very important for getting rid of dirt and sediment. Dirt is more commonly found on the rugs, but it can make its’ way onto your seats as well. Therefore, using a handheld cleaner is important for eliminating it. Do this before attempting to get out stains, as it is critical that the seats are as clean as possible before using a cleaning agent.

If you do not have your own handheld vacuum cleaner, then the majority of car washes will allow you to use theirs for just $.75-1.00. Be sure to focus on the cracks of the seats when vacuuming, as this is a gathering area for debris. Put the seats in a horizontal position when doing this, as it will allow you to get to those places easier.

Get rid of stains

Once you are done vacuuming, then it is time to focus on the stains. There are tons of cleaning solutions designed to get these out, and which one you pick should be determined by what kind of fabric you have. You would use a much different cleaning agent for fabric than you would for leather. In fact, in many instances simple soap and water will be good enough for cloth. Test this out before using any expensive cloth cleaning solutions.

Car upholstery repair

If you have rips in your seats, then having a professional repair them is something to consider. However, in many instances using repair kits is just as effective, and a lot cheaper. If your fabric is torn, then most fabric kits will come with the following tools: fiber colors, adhesive, spatula, mixing bottle, and screen applicator.

First, put the adhesive in the torn area. Then, apply the colors on the applicator. From there, put the adhesive on the tear, and then slowly disperse the color fabric fibers. From there, allow it to dry. Finally, apply the bonding adhesive.


Having a nice car upholstery fabric is important for improving the look of your interior. Fixing stains and tears really is not difficult, and usually can be done on your own, without hiring a professional. Use these tips, and you will fix any upholstery problems shortly while saving money at the same time.

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