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Note from the Owner:

Welcome to the Official Fabric Store. We recognize that finding good quality fabric can be extremely difficult so we have developed this site to help people to get the fabric they want at the lowest prices. We specialize in sourcing rare and hard to find craft and upholstery fabrics from a variety of different suppliers , retailers and private sellers. This site will be updated regularly so please come back often and don’t forget to tell your friends. – Tom, OfficialFabricStore.com

Our site is organized by type of fabric and design. Here is an brief overview of some of our sections:

Craft Fabrics: Are you looking for a specific design or pattern? Our large range of craft fabrics feature various well known designs to help you make any craft item including curtains and clothing. So whether you are look for that special Mickey Mouse fabric for your niece or Harley Davidson fabric for your nephew, you can be sure to find it in this section at the lowest prices.

Upholstery Fabrics: Need fabric for furniture for your home or seating for a car? Finding upholstery fabric can be difficult and it’s very important to buy high quality and durable material so that it doesn’t fall apart after some mild wear and tear. Luckily, our upholstery fabrics section has some of the most sought after and rare fabrics on the planet. Take a look at our upholstery fabrics and prepare to be amazed.

Materials: Fabrics are made from different materials. We locate the highest quality materials at the lowest prices whether they are popular fabrics such cotton and velvet or some of the more elusive such as suede and micro fiber.

Types: How are you going to use fabric? We have organized the different types of fabric by how they can be used. These categories including furniture, automobile, curtain and quilting fabrics.